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Turn Rock Band 2 chars into figurines

Or t-shirts or posters or stickers.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer has been overhauled and now lets you build custom figurines of characters from Rock Band 2.

This is done in the "merch" section, where rockers can mess around with characters imported from their Xbox 360 (and soon PS3) saved games to their registered profile.

These can then be photographed in a number of fancy ways, then turned into fancy pictures for use on t-shirts, posters or stickers.

The six-inch figurines take a little more faffing, but look rather fancy. And so they should for USD 70 (GBP 45).

The overhaul also brings much easier navigation into play, and content broken into organised sections.

Rock Band 2 is yet to be dated for Europe, but we've imported a copy and hope to have a review with you later this week.

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