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Tropico 4 Xbox 360 release announced

El Presidente eyes up your console.

Strategy sequel Tropico 4 is heading to Xbox 360 as well as PC, publisher Kalypso Media has confirmed.

First announced for PC back in August, the latest entry in the franchise follows the traditional Tropico template. As El Presidente you'll have to manage the resources of your tropical island nation, fend of insurgencies, keep your people happy and, ideally, swell your own off-shore bank account.

Features confirmed for Tropico 4 include 20 new campaign missions across 10 new maps, 20 new buildings, six new interactive disasters, and Facebook and Twitter integration.

You'll also be able to appoint selected citizens to ministerial posts to help push through your more controversial decisions.

Developed by Bulgaria-based Haemimont Games, the game is currently pegged for a vague Q2 release.

The excellent last entry in the series, Tropico 3, launched in November 2009 on PC, with a marginally inferior Xbox 360 version launching the following month.

Eurogamer's Ellie Gibson complained that the 360 port lacked a Challenge Editor and suffered from inferior controls. Here's hoping Haemimont's console team do a better job this time out.