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Tropico 4 PC demo now available

Heavy reign.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A PC demo for dictator sim Tropico 4 is now available to download.

The Tropico series allows gamers to govern their own island paradise - for better or worse.

Tasked with building a financial backwater into an economic superpower, players can choose whether to become a benevolent dictator or scheming tyrant.

The PC demo includes four tutorial missions and one level from the game's main campaign mode.

The excellent last entry in the series, Tropico 3, launched in November 2009 on PC, with a marginally inferior Xbox 360 version following shortly after.

Tropico 4 is set to add interactive disasters, new nations to negotiate with and social integration via Facebook and Twitter on PC.

Fancy trying to build your own banana republic before Tropico 4's release on 26th August? Unzip the PC demo now.

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