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El Presidente heads to space this March.

Tropico 4

Totally tropical test.

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Hurricane-filled city building arrives.

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Dictatorship sim returns this summer.

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Tropico Dictator Pack compilation announced

Appropriately-named publisher Kalypso has announced a PC compilation of the first four Tropico management sim games, coming to the UK on 12 September. In each one, you play as the despotic leader of a corrupt tropical island nation, and must balance political unrest with your own bank balance. Apart from the second one, where you were a pirate for some reason.

The Tropico Dictator Pack also includes one of each game's expansion packs. That means you get Tropico plus the Paradise Island add-on, Tropico 2 with Pirate Cove, Tropico 3 comes with the Absolute Power DLC and Tropico 4 boasts the Modern Times expansion.

Tropico 5 was released earlier this year. Eurogamer's review delivered a 7/10 verdict. "Tropico 5 is clearly more concerned with introducing new concepts atop the old than it is with overhauling its base mechanics," said Stace Harman, probably while chewing a cigar and wearing mirrored sunglasses. "Looking ahead to the future, this long-running series would benefit from having the fires of revolution lit beneath it."

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New Tropico 4 Plantador DLC announced

New Tropico 4 DLC is out now.

The Plantador DLC is available for the PC and Xbox 360 and costs 450 Microsoft Points / 3.99 / €3.99.

It adds new character traits, buildings, decorations and a research mission theme that challenges players to become a captain of their island's industry.

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Tropico 4 Xbox 360 release date revealed

The Xbox 360 version of Tropico 4 launches on Friday, 21st October in the UK, Kalypso Media has announced.

It had been pegged for release in mid-September.

The PC version is out. Eurogamer's Tropico 4 review returned a 7/10.

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Out This Week - 07/10/11

Rage! Dark Souls! NBA! Cursed!

It's been a long time coming. This week meaty shooter Rage emerges from the vaults of id Software - the makers of Doom, Quake and Castle Wolfenstein, no less.

Tropico 4

Tropico 4

Totally tropical test.

Tropico 4 is a lot like taking an extended two-week holiday to the resort where you spent your honeymoon. At first the familiarity is wonderful and comforting. You slip back into old routines and it's immediately enjoyable.

But then the days start to drag. You realise there's not much to do. You wonder if the management has bothered to improve things at all, or if they're relying on tourists like yourself, returning out of nostalgia. By the time you leave, you're feeling strangely disenchanted. You couldn't say you didn't have a nice time, but the magic you remember has long gone revealing something rather ordinary underneath.

Tropico 3, released in 2009, was a welcome update of the 2001 original. Taking the city building, resource gathering gameplay of Sim City and The Settlers and giving it a cheeky satirical Cold War twist, it cast you as the dictator of a small Caribbean nation, free to be as corrupt or idealistic as you wished. Driven by catchy calypso rhythms and with a flavour all of its own in a genre not known for colour and personality, it was a deserving hit.

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Tropico 4 PC, Xbox 360 release dates

Tropico 4 PC, Xbox 360 release dates

Pinochet them to your calendar.

Kalypso has finalised the Tropico 4 release dates as 26th August on PC and mid-September on Xbox 360.

Tropico 4 folds in Twitter and Facebook support. It also enables you to elect ministers into key positions to ensure controversial decisions get the green light.

Tropico casts you as El Presidente, the nice or nasty dictator of the eponymous island paradise.

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Tropico 4 Xbox 360 release announced

Tropico 4 Xbox 360 release announced

El Presidente eyes up your console.

Strategy sequel Tropico 4 is heading to Xbox 360 as well as PC, publisher Kalypso Media has confirmed.

First announced for PC back in August, the latest entry in the franchise follows the traditional Tropico template. As El Presidente you'll have to manage the resources of your tropical island nation, fend of insurgencies, keep your people happy and, ideally, swell your own off-shore bank account.

Features confirmed for Tropico 4 include 20 new campaign missions across 10 new maps, 20 new buildings, six new interactive disasters, and Facebook and Twitter integration.

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Tropico 4 announced

Tropico 4 announced

First screens revealed.

Tropico 4 is in development at Bulgarian studio Haemimont Games and is due out in Q2 2011.

The announcement relates to the PC version, but news on a possible console version "will be made available soon".

Tropico is a construction and management sim that sees the player assume control over a Caribbean island during the Cold War era.

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