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Trine heads to PSN, PC next year

Fantasy platformer with clever bits.

Shadowgrounds developer Frozenbyte and French publisher Nobilis have revealed an intriguing PSN and PC game called Trine.

Due in the second quarter of 2009, the idea is to hot-swap between three classes in order to reach the end of the level.

The first video, which sits on the Trine website, shows a Wizard character summoning platforms and physical objects in order to solve puzzles and bridge gaps.

Then there's a Thief who fires her arrows from afar to deal with baddies, and uses a grappling rope to hook onto platforms and swing across large chasms.

Finally, a Warrior character is at hand to use his big hammer to smash the living - or not-so-living - daylights out of any skeletons or fantasy baddies silly enough to get in the way.

Trine looks rather nice, too - but then we like robes and wizards' hats and things. The full website should launch as this year turns into next.