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Triangle Strategy sells 800k globally in two weeks

Nothing to be salty about.

Triangle Strategy has sold 800k copies globally in its first two weeks.

The Switch strategy RPG sold over 200k in Japan and Asia.

The news was shared on Twitter in a message from producer Tomoya Asano, along with artwork from character designer and artist Naoki Ikushima.

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For comparison, Octopath Traveller sold 1m copies in its first three weeks, while Bravely Default 2 sold 950k in around 7-8 months.

The numbers are impressive for such a niche genre. Perhaps the success of Fire Emblem: Three Houses (around 3m copies sold in its first year) has ignited interest in the genre.

Malindy described the game as an "intricate, if slow-burn tale of war and political intrigue" in the Triangle Strategy Eurogamer review.

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