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Square Enix considering more HD-2D remakes of SNES games

Remake strategy.

Square Enix is considering more HD-2D remakes of its SNES games.

The HD-2D style refers to the mix of HD 3D backdrops and pixel art, popularised by Octopath Traveller and the forthcoming Triangle Strategy.

As reported by Famitsu (thanks VGC), the developers of Triangle Strategy confirmed on a Square Enix radio show that president Yosuka Matsuda wants SNES games remade in the art style.

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Live A Live is already planned for such a remake, as announced at Nintendo's recent Direct presentation - a game that has until now only been released in Japan.

"The president ordered us to make more use of HD-2D, so we decided to think about remakes of past titles," said producer Tomoya Asano.

"So we lined up possible titles and thought about which could be done in HD-2D, and brought them to the president."

Asano continued: "[The list included] titles released by Square and Enix for the Super Famicom - ones which were suitable for HD-2D, ones which were unsuitable for it, and ones which were impossible to play, like mahjong games.

"We lined up all of them and made a presentation that Live A Live was the most suitable. The second place was ActRaiser."

ActRaiser has already been released on the Switch as the HD remaster ActRaiser Renaissance, though it doesn't use the same artstyle.

Square Enix has also amended the opera scene in Final Fantasy 6 pixel remaster to a similar style.

Triangle Strategy is due for release on 4th March. Its prologue is available to play now - it's an intricate slow burn of political intrigue.

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