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TrackMania Turbo has a 'two players one car' mode

Out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in November.

Racing-slash-puzzle series TrackMania is coming to PC and, for the first time, PS4 and Xbox One, on 27th November 2015 (in the UK).

TrackMania Turbo (not the first game by that name) is a very fast and very clean-looking instalment with a couple of great new ideas. There's a Trackbuilder that randomly generates new levels at the press of a button, and there's a Double Driver co-op mode where two players try to control the same car with two controllers.

Trackmania Turbo is also being developed for virtual reality devices as a separate project to be released after the main game.

Ubisoft Nadeo - creator of Trackmania - is credited as the developer. We were a bit confused about this so thought it worth mentioning.

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube