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Top Spin 3 demo available now

Alastair Campbell not available for comment.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A demo of 2K Sports' fancy new tennis game, Top Spin 3, is available now on Xbox Live, says Major Nelson.

The demo is available in all territories except those where there's no Internet or tennis has been made illegal.We certainly reckon it's worth a shot, with an impressive player roster and a plenty of depth to its central mechanics.

This is all timed very nicely to coincide with the beginning of Wimbledon 2008, the quintessentially English festival of disappointment and despair where we all express a vague interest in a man who we wouldn't recognise in the street simply because he's English and slightly less rubbish than most of his compatriots.

Alternatively you could just fire up the demo, build yourself a thoroughly English player who looks like a cross between a work-shy builder and a fantastically bad talent show entrant, and have a crack yourself.

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