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TN Games shows force feedback suit

"Get pounded" in head, body.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

TN Games has been demonstrating its force feedback vest and helmet to visitors at CES.

With different versions for racing and first-person shooter titles, the idea is to make you feel gunshots, kicks, punches, acceleration, deceleration, crashes and general real-life sensations you play games to avoid.

It does this by inflating pockets of air around the body or little cells on the head to give you a jolt now and again. Quite cleverly it can inflate partially or blow air over your ears to simulate a near miss.

So far only the first-person shooter vest is available to buy for USD 169 in camouflage or tactical black colours. Currently it only works with Call of Duty 2 or TN Games title Incursion, but has Valve and id Software titles in its sights. Phew.

"This is the experience that you have been dreaming about since you started playing," claims the website. "Get real interactive entertainment: get your vest and start 3rd Spacing!"

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