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Threes! is now a free browser game

Purchase the huggable plush for $29.99.

Mobile puzzler Threes! is now available as a free-to-play ad-supported browser game.

The sliding tile puzzle game earned itself a fancy Eurogamer Essential award upon release last year and our Wesley Yin-Poole gushed about it for his Games of 2014 piece.

Threes! generally costs £2.29 on the App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone, but developer Sirvo LLC released an ad-supported free version back in June. Despite being free-to-play, it still doubled the developer's daily income.

This browser version can be played on your phone with no ads, besides links to mobile versions of the game on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, along with a link to the upcoming Threes! Huggable Plush, due on 31st December for $29.99.