Threes! is at once nicotine and soul food, magnificent and deadly, a machine for playing.

Threes! is now a free browser game

Purchase the huggable plush for $29.99.

Threes' free version doubled its dev's daily income

"It was a good business decision."

You can now play Threes! Free on iOS, Android

No in-app purchases, just watch an advert to play.

Apple adds Pay Once & Play category to App Store

"Enjoy hours of uninterrupted fun."

Threes creator halts work on PS4 RTS Close Castles

But has a new mobile game in the works.

FeatureGames of 2014: Threes

Oh hey, handsome.

Limbo launches for everyone on Xbox One this Friday

Along with mobile hit Threes and Boom Ball Kinect.

Mobile puzzle hit Threes is coming to Xbox One

"It seemed like a natural fit."

EssentialThrees! review

That's the magic number.