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This mod turns Borderlands 3 into Limbo and it's stunning


As modders get stuck into the guts of Borderlands 3 we're seeing more and more cheeky patches around - from the practical intro-skipper to save files that let you jump immediately to level 50 characters - but nothing's quite caught my eye like this newly released one (thanks, PC Gamer), which strips out Gearbox's iconic cell-shading and bright palette for a Limbo lookalike instead.

To be fair, much of Borderlands 3's charm comes from its gorgeous distinctive art style, so I'm not entirely sure why I love the look of this mod just as much, but without the visual noise, Borderlands 3's meaty combat has never looked better. Here, check it out for yourself:

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"This is just a reshade preset using the depth buffer," is all the mod author says about how they captured Limbo's iconic look, stripping away not just the colour but also the HUD and player UI.

In Eurogamer's Borderlands 3's review, I said: "you'll likely have seen - or even experienced for yourself by now - that Borderlands 3 is everything Vault Hunters loved about its predecessors. It's hard to imagine how, technical issues aside, existing fans could not find more to love about this latest iteration, but that could also be said for fans who didn't like its predecessors.

"But whether you believe it's giving the fans what they want or a dazzling lack of ambition - evolution or revolution, in other words - Borderlands may be polarising, but it's back nonetheless: bigger, better, and more unapologetic than ever."

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