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This Dirt 3 racing seat costs £490

Or £840 with the steering wheel.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

How much does an official Dirt 3 Edition rally car seat with adjustable steering wheel and pedal mounts cost? £489 (£439 online), and you can order one for your front room this summer.

Add to that a steering wheel and pedals (Logitech G27) and the total rockets to £839 (£709 online).

But don't buy one if your waist measures over 42 inches, as you won't fit in.

That money buys you a strong, lightweight metal chair that's padded and upholstered with "leatherlook" fabric. It folds away when not in use.

Most steering wheels and pedals will clip on via quick-release catches.

Gran Turismo 5 last year offered a £450 racing seat built by Thrustmaster. Car game enthusiasts must be better off than the rest of us.

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