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They to debut at Leipzig

Top secret next-gen shooter.

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Mysterious new shooter They could apparently walk away with game of the show from this year's Games Convention in Leipzig.

That's according to PR company IMC, who's handling the title until it secures a publisher. So actually we're no longer convinced.

They is billed as a first-person shooter with a mysterious edge and the ability to make sentences written about it look stupid, and will be shown to press behind closed doors at the upcoming German game show. But despite its bold claims, IMC is keeping virtually all other details under lock and key until then.

When quizzed about its mysterious twist, a spokesperson for IMC told us it could be compared to the supernatural side of The Darkness. And for now it will lead on PC, with PS3 and Xbox 360 iterations dependent on any prospective publisher's will.

Although IMC was holding tightly onto the identity of the developer, we did manage to find out it was a European outfit you might have heard of before.

"It is someone who has been in the business for over 10 years and has released several action titles already - so it's not a new development or newbie," the spokesperson told us.

The engine for the game will be created in-house, and will apparently dazzle us with impressive physics, a wide variety of intelligent enemies, a unique weapon system, destructible environments and versatile multiplayer modes.

We're also promised a haunting science fiction story and heroes that we'll identify with.

Lots of promises to live up to, then, and we'll hopefully be able to see it in action at the Games Convention in late August.

Until then there's a solitary and not-too-shabby looking screenshot to dissect in our They gallery.

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