CD Projekt suspends FPS They

Metropolis to work on Witcher 2 instead.

Polish publisher CD Projekt has suspended production on They, a first-person shooter for PC, PS3 and 360. Developer Metropolis Software will be put to work on The Witcher 2 instead.

First They details emerge

First They details emerge

Not so mysterious now.

IMC has finally shed some light on mysterious shooter They, unveiling Metropolis Software as the developer.

It takes part in the near future, after a devastating attack on England leaves nasty robots in control. You and a pilot from your army squadron managed to survive the initial onslaught, and will soon find out that not all is as it seems - the robots aren't thinking for themselves. It appears invisible aliens are doing it all for them, you see, although it will be a while before you'll actually be able to see and attack them.

Key to your adventure will be your gun, which you'll upgrade along the way. Hundreds of items can be swapped in and out of four slots, and you'll be able to adjust and save your weapon settings to the number keys on your keyboard. So, you might like a burst-style attack on key one, or an explosive assault on key two - apparently the possibilities are endless.

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They to debut at Leipzig

Top secret next-gen shooter.

Mysterious new shooter They could apparently walk away with game of the show from this year's Games Convention in Leipzig.