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There's another Smash-Bros-themed Nintendo Direct happening this week

And a Treehouse presentation to follow.

Nintendo has announced that it's hosting another Nintendo Direct this week - and that, once again, it'll be entirely focussed on the imminent Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Nintendo's latest Direct is scheduled to begin this Thursday, November 1st, at 2pm UK time. It's another whopper too, packing in 40-minutes-worth of Super Smash Bros Ultimate news - all of which will be presented by Masahiro Sakurai himself. And if that wasn't enough Smash Bros to be getting on with, Nintendo of America's Direct page also mentions that the main event will be followed by a presentation from Nintendo Treehouse.

Cover image for YouTube videoSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate - Available Now! - Nintendo Switch

Nintendo hasn't specified what, precisely, will be discussed during this week's event, but now would be a fine time for Sakurai to reveal any remaining single-player offerings in Ultimate - if only to see how close those fan theories about a ghostly Spirit mode were. And hopefully, we might get one or two final character reveals too.

Whatever Thursday's Direct brings, it's likely to be Nintendo's last big info-spluge prior to Super Smash Bros Ultimate's release. The game is now just over a month away, and will be launching on Switch on December 7th.