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The Wolf Among Us launches on iOS today

Will it huff, puff and blow you away?

The Wolf Among Us, Telltale's prequel to Bill Willingham's Fables series of comics, is coming to iOS later today.

Or at least its debut episode, Faith, is. Set in the world of 1980s New York filled with fairy tale characters, the iOS version of The Wolf Among Us is set to cost $4.99 (about £3), much as it was when the pilot launched on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC last month. Fans can also purchase a season pass of the remaining four episodes for $14.99 (about £9).

Our Dan Whitehead was cautiously optimistic about The Wolf Among Us after playing its first episode. "Story-wise, I'm hooked," he wrote in his review of Faith. "It would be good to see subsequent chapters raising the bar with regards to gameplay," he noted, before adding that, "the characters are fascinating, the plot heavy with potential, and my faith in Telltale's skill is high."

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