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The Wolf Among Us' first season concludes next week

Bad wolf.

Cry Wolf, the fifth and final chapter in season one of Telltale's Fables-based serial The Wolf Among Us, is landing next week.

It will premiere on 8th July on PC, Mac and PS3 in North America. Then, on 9th July, it will launch on European PS3s and XBLA worldwide. Finally, on 10th July it will come to iOS (both iPhone and iPad).

Later this year the full season will be released on PS4, Xbox One and Vita, though no release date for these ports has been set.

Eurogamer contributor Dan Whitehead has generally been a fan of the series so far and noted that "it sets up a final chapter that promises to be something pretty special" in his review of the penultimate episode, In Sheep's Clothing.

A new trailer gives us a glimpse of what trials wait ahead for our lupine hero in The Wolf Among Us' season finale. Be forewarned: there are spoilers for previous episodes, so watch at your own risk.

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