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The Witcher 3 - The Apiarian Phantom: how to kill the Wild Hunt Hound

How to complete the Apiarian Phantom Contract, from tracking down the location of the Wild Hunt Hound to killing it nice and quickly.

The first order of business with this next Contract is to make your way over to the noticeboard in Beanston and actually pick the thing up. Grab the note from the board and you'll discover that no small amount of woe has fallen upon the Honeyfill apiary.

A mysterious presence has invaded the area, obliterating the bee hives and basically making a nasty mess of the place. Having picked up the quest from Beanston, you should now head in a south-west direction, over the fields and meadows, and then through the archway that leads into Honeyfill Meadworks itself.

Dismount and then walk into the main building to where Master Meiersdorf is. When you say hello, he'll introduce you to his three sons, and mention he was waiting for someone to show up and fix this business. He can't tell you exactly what's causing the bother, but one of his farmhands died from what look like distinctly frosty wounds. Haggle the Contract fee if you want to, then accept the challenge and get ready to follow Holofernes.

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When you reach the next field, activate your Witcher Senses and check out the blood, the frost-covered bee hive, and some footprints. Trail these latter until you come to a lake, at which point the trail goes cold.

Head left, travelling along the banks of the lake, and be ready to kill the drowners that make their presence known. Keep heading along the shore until you uncover the footprints once more, and keep following them east towards a cellar.

Make your way to the east side of this building, and look for steps that lead down to a wooden entrance. At this point, Holofernes will catch up and explain that this place was for his grandfather, but the old man ran out of money before he could complete it.

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How to kill the Wild Hunt Hound quickly

Go through the now-open doors and walk into the chilly basement. It soon becomes clear why there's such a nip in the air, when the Wild Hunt Hound comes charging at you. Run upstairs, call your horse asap, and get mounted so you can chase the beast. Smack it with your blades while you're mounted, then finish the job after dismounting.

If you want to make life a bit easier on yourself, use Dimeritium Bombs, pour Elementa Oil on your blades, and make good use of your Igni and Axii Signs. This should take a lot of the sting out of the fight.

When the fight's over, loot the corpse and take the ingredients and trophy. Get back on your horse, head back to the Honeyfill grounds, then grab your rewards. Well done!

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