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The Witcher 3 - Deadly Delights: how to kill Lilith, the succubus

How to complete the Deadly Delights quest, from tracking down Cripped Kate's brothel to killing Lilith, the deadly succubus.

Grab this next Contract by visiting the notice board in Hierarch Square and pulling the note from Sergeant Gilbert Witschke. The note describes a number of officers who have been ravaged to their deathbeds and Gilbert has determined that this apparent female - and any accomplices - deserves to be tortured.

Head east once you've taken the note, then head south past the fish market until you find Gilbert himself. Once you've had a chat with him, renegotiate your quest fee if you wish, then get ready to go and talk to the medic who looked after the bodies.

Make your way to the docks and talk to the media - he's pretty much west of Gilbert's position. Go through the dialogue options about the guards until you've discovered every last scrap of information about what's going on here.

How to find Crippled Kate's brothel in Hierarch Square

Now head south through the docks, go over the canal, and take a left through the tunnel when you come to it. Up ahead is a market which you'll need to explore using your Witcher Senses. First, find the child's footprints on the ground, then the two-footed hoofprints.

Keep following the hoofprints north towards Crippled Kate's brothel. Go into the narrow alley and smash the crate with Aard, then keep heading forwards until the trail goes cold at the brothel steps. Go inside, and speak to the brothel madame.

Take part in any diversions you wish to, then discuss the murdered guards with the madame. You can either use Axii to force this conversation, or just explain how the clues lead to this location. If you take the latter option, she'll demand that you leave.

Leaved Crippled Kate's, then look for a perfume bottle. Use your Witcher Senses to follow the scent until you come to a gentleman of the town. He claims to have been attacked by a succubus if you speak with him.

You'll find the creature in a nearby structure. Use the eastern door to the south of the upset man. Go upstairs, then use the ladder to reach the next level up. Leave via the door and get onto the wooden platform nearby.

When you reach the end of this section, you'll see another ladded. Climb up it to get into the loft, then drop down through the gap to enter a fancy-looking room. Now walk downstairs and speak with Lilith - you can either demand she leaves which will net you the trophy and a nice sword, or you can kill her.

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How to kill Lilith, the succubus of Deadly Delights

Lilith isn't too tough a fight, but it pays to have a few extra tricks up your sleeve. She's vulnerable to Hybrid Oil, so make sure you keep your blades coated with the sticky stuff. You'll also find your Quen Sign extremely handy in this fight, so have it pinned to your Sign button.

When you've dealt with the succubus, make your way back to the guard who first asked for your assistance. Tell him what's happened, then accept your reward or a job very well done.

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