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The Witcher 3 - Doors Slamming Shut: how to kill Therazane the Earth Elemental

Don't miss out essential guide to the Doors Slamming Shut contract, from tracking down Therazane to making light work of the battle itself.

You can pick up this next Contract up by looking at one of the notes on the Hierarch Square noticeboard. It's just outside of the Kingfisher Inn if you're struggling to find the pick-up point.

The note's called Haunted House, and you're asked to go and inspect a house located just outside the city. It was recently purchased by Count Kurt Dysart who's staying at the inn for now. Why? Well, it seems the place is haunted and the it's got the Count in a bit of a muddle.

Your first task is to go inside the inn and actually talk to the quest-giver to get more information. Head upstairs and go around to the balcony where you'll find your troubled friend. Work through the dialogue options however you wish, and learn the details of the house and where you'll need to head to in order to find it.

Apparently the place rattles all night long, and even has moving floorboards, which almost certainly breaks some major planning regulations. Before you set off to find this intimidating home, have a crack at renegotiating the completion fee if you wish. You might as well take the extra cash where you can get it.

How to find the Earth Elemental in the Moldavie Residence

Time to find the haunted house itself. Leave the city and then get on Roach and ride east towards a place called the Moldavie Residence - it's near a lake. Open up the door using the key that Kurt gave to you, then walk inside this intimidating building. The whole place is shaking, so switch on your Witcher Senses to find out what's what.

You need to take a good look at the food on the floor, as well as the goblet on the table first. Next have a look at the salt in one corner of the next room. Now go downstairs and look for a crack in the wall - blast the crack with Aard to open it up. Walk through the newly-widened gap, then look around the basement ruins. Go over the planks until you come to a table. Read the journal sat upon the other nearby table.

Go back to the water, then head east towards a lever on the wall. Yank it to open up the newly-created path through the archway. Walk through it and into the next room, but be ready for a rather frightening welcome from a massive elemental creature. To begin the fight proper, use your Aard Sign to knock out the lock that holds Therazane in place.

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How to kill Therazane in the basement of the Moldavie Residence

There are only a couple of vulnerabilities which will help you in the fight against Therazane, but both of them can really take the edge off the challenge of the fight. First of all, coating your blades with Elementa Oil will give them a much deadlier slice, so keep them oiled. Next, Dimeritium Bombs can be used against the elemental to great effect.

When the creature falls to the floor, take the ingredients from its body, as well as the trophy to prove your success in battle. At this point, either get back on your horse, or fast travel back to the Kingfisher Inn. Find Kurt once again, explain what you've done to solve the problem, and hand over your trophy as proof of the kill.

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