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The original Unreal Tournament just got a new patch with hundreds of fixes

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The original and best Unreal Tournament, released back in 1999, has just received a new patch.

Update version 469 is available now from Github, and is designed for the small community of PC players still logging on to frag each other and score m-m-m-monster kills with well-placed Redeemer shots on Facing Worlds.

The patch is the work of the OldUnreal forum, building on work from the UTPG (Unreal Tournament Preservation Group), a collective of community programmers and server admins that took over after Epic Games wound up its official support.

It contains hundreds of fixes for crashes, visual issues, networking, physics and player movement which have arisen over the years as the game is player on newer PCs.

Patch 469 was first announced a year ago, back in September 2019, when OldUnreal forum member anth revealed their team had reached an agreement with Epic Games to take over maintenance of the aging Unreal Tournament code base. 12 months later, it seems, the team has delivered.

Epic Games was, very slowly, making its own new version of Unreal Tournament, announced back in 2014. We got a few glimpses at its progress over the years, but it never seemed a huge priority. Work was eventually abandoned in December 2018 and similarly given over the community as Epic hunkered down to focus fully on Fortnite, the Epic Games Store, and waging enormous lawsuits.

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