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The next Magic the Gathering video game is free-to-play

The gates are open.

Wizards of the Coast has revealed more information about the next Magic the Gathering video game, called Magic Duels: Origins.

The game was announced as part of Microsoft's recent ID@Xbox showcase of Xbox One titles, but we didn't know much about how it would work.

Wizards of the Coast confirmed Magic Duels: Origins is free-to-play, mirroring the business model Blizzard uses for the phenomenally-successful Hearthstone, and will be released this July on Xbox One, PC via Steam and iPads.

It looks like Microsoft has once again tied up Magic the Gathering as a timed console exclusive - Magic Duels: Origins won't launch on PlayStation 4 until "later this year".

Here's the official blurb:

Other features include a solo battle mode with endless AI opponents, a quest system with new challenges every week, and a new Deck Builder with extra help for newcomers.

Most agree Hearthstone side-stepped pay-to-win problems with a system considered fair and generous. It'll be interesting to see just how free-to-play Magic Duels: Origins turns out to be.

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