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The Last of Us Left Behind collectables and optional conversations

Where to find every last Left Behind collectable item, and take part in every Optional Conversation with Riley as well.

Left Behind has its own fair share of secrets and collectable items, some of which you'll gather naturally as you work your way through the story, while others you'll have to do a bit of rummaging around for.

Here's the location of all the special items and optional conversations tucked away in the game's DLC.

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Left Behind Collectables locations

Below you'll find all of the collectable locations in the Left Behind DLC:

Back in a Flash

Here are the collectables you can find in the Back in a Flash chapter:

  • Combination Note - Behind the counter in Weston's Pharmacy.
  • Pharmacist's Note - Take the note that drops when you remove the key from the body caught up in the spores.
  • Salon Note - You'll find this note on the corpse as you enter Rarity Nail Salon from the Pixitek shop.


This is where you can find the two collectables in the Mallrats chapter of Left Behind:

  • Wanted Poster - After going upstairs and ducking to enter a room, go to the window and take this item from the big table.
  • Warning Note - After the brick-throwing section, head downstairs, then enter the room on your left as soon as you enter the hallway. The note is on the desk by a typewriter.

So Close

Here are the collectables you can find in the So Close chapter in Left Behind:

  • Atrium Note - Head to the corner on your right as soon as the chapter begins. The note is on the trolley by the Luciano Ristorante shop entrance.
  • Generator Note - When you get to the generator, interact with the containers on top of it.
  • Atrium Recorder - Once the generator's powered up, go through the unlocked door, up the escalator, then look inside the tent on your left.

Fun and Games

This is where you can find the collectable in the Fun and Games chapter of Left Behind:

  • Kitchen Note - When you're done with the photo booth, go inside the Fast Burger kitchen and take the note from the counter at the rear of the building.

The Enemy of My Enemy

This is where you can find the final collectables located in the The Enemy of My Enemy chapter of Left Behind:

  • Crew Photo - Head to the boarded-up shop with the Coming Soon sign right at the start of the chapter. The photo is on the corpse in the corner.
  • Duct Recorder - Once you've killed the first wave of enemies and gone inside the air duct, follow the pool of blood to the corpse with the item on it.

Left Behind Optional Conversations locations

Below you'll find all of the optional conversations you can partake in throughout the Left Behind DLC:


There are 11 optional conversations to experience in the Mallrats chapter of Left Behind:

  • Optional Conversation 1 - After shimmying over the ledge, keep an eye out for the Firefly logo on the left-hand wall.
  • Optional Conversation 2 - Enter the mall, go down the escalator, turn right and make your way towards the Affordable Getaways holiday poster.
  • Optional Conversation 3 - After finishing the last conversation, go back past the escalator and look for the water guns poster.
  • Optional Conversation 4 - Talk to Riley outside the dirty yellow tent at the bottom of the next escalator in the mall.
  • Optional Conversation 5 - Examine the cabinet at the back of the same tent.
  • Optional Conversation 6 - Leave the tent, then go straight ahead until you come to a saddle draped over a bench.
  • Optional Conversation 7 - Put the wolf mask on in the Spooky Town shop, then go to the rear of the store where the jar of eyeballs is.
  • Optional Conversation 8 - Talk to Riley after she's put the Dracula mask on.
  • Optional Conversation 9 - Put on the witch mask and talk to Riley again.
  • Optional Conversation 10 - The Triple Phoenix mask located near the exit prompts the next conversation.
  • Optional Conversation 11 - Work through all eight of the Skeleseer skull conversations. It's located in one of the corners of the store.

Fun and Games

Here are three optional conversations to find in the Fun and Games chapter of Left Behind:

  • Optional Conversation 12 - Go to the carousel and examine the horse.
  • Optional Conversation 13 - Read all of the jokes from the book Riley gives you after the carousel ride.
  • Optional Conversation 14 - Walk down the steps and use the Sharesnap photo booth.

With that you will have found all the collectables in the Left Behind DLC!

The Last Of Us Part 1 begins with a short prologue and don't forget to track down the game's many collectibles.

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