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The Last of Us Left Behind The Enemy of My Enemy walkthrough

How to survive the penultimate chapter of the Left Behind DLC, with a few handy tricks for letting your enemies do the hard work for you.

The penultimate chapter of the Left Behind DLC features a few rather fiddly fights. We've got a few tips that will help you tone the challenge down just a bit.

If you need to look out for hidden extras, be sure to read our Left Behind collectables, Optional Conversations, notes page.

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The Enemy of my Enemy walkthrough for The Last of Us Part 1 Left Behind

It's back to Colorado for the penultimate chapter of the DLC. Once you're out of the helicopter, head forwards and look for the door along one side of the wall. Get inside and take the note from next to the corpse, then keep walking down the corridor that has Octopus Records along the wall.

As you head towards the record shop, jump over the short wall, but be ready to deal with some infected after doing so. Take the bow and then kill the three human enemies. Now take all of the supplies and ammunition you can from the record shop, before heading back down the corridor towards the air vent.

Crawl inside it and keep moving until you come to a crossroads. Once you've listened to the audio recording at the dead end, turn all the way around and head off in the opposite direction. You'll emerge in a room full of infected and guards. If you want to let the former do some of the grunt work for you, throw a brick towards the humans to get the fight started. When the scuffle's over, jump down and finish off any remaining enemies.

Once you've looted everything, go out into the corridor. Head left until you see some rubble leading to a ledge. Climb up and get inside the shop called Great Plains. Use a bomb to get the infected fighting the humans, kill anyone left at the end of the fight, then take anything you find in the store. When you've looted every last item, head through the hole in the ceiling, open up the shutter door, and head back inside the mall.

When you're back at the statue, head left and return to the courtyard you began in. Head right and enter the shop in front of you, then eliminate the guards and head downstairs. You should now be able to see the guards tinkering with the lock protecting Joel. Kill them as quickly as possible before they can break the lock.

Grab any ammunitions these guards drop, then try opening the door that leads to Joel. When more guards approach, run up the opposite stairs and use this position of cover to deal with the enemies as they approach. Prioritise anyone who starts going at the padlock. Once every single opponent's dead, go and get Joel.

Now you simly need to complete the last Left Behind chapter to complete the DLC.

The Last Of Us Part 1 begins with a short prologue and don't forget to track down the game's many collectibles.

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