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The Last Guy on PSN this month

Satellite photo-style zombie action.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The Last Guy, an unusual PSN creation by Sony, will be available to download sometime this month.

It's a bit like a cross between Pac-Man and Google Earth. Sort of. The Last Guy has you leading hordes of survivors to safety through satellite photographed cities while avoiding zombies.

There are 10 types of zombie-monster, not including boss characters, and you have a selection of super powers such as heat vision and various temporary scattered power-ups to help rescue the humans with.

There's also a time limit, and those baddies put the frighteners on survivors if they get too close, causing them to scatter. It's all very fast and furious, apparently.

Cities range from Los Angeles to London, and everything looks rather interesting so far.

Head over to The Last Guy gallery for some screenshots, or to Eurogamer TV for a couple of trailers.

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