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The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 5

The Wii launch, PS3's London pad, 10 years of Tomb Raider.

"I'm going to play until I pass out," gushed 17 year-old Zelda fanatic Marwan Elgamel, as Eurogamer TV's camera captured him moments after becoming the first person to buy a Wii at the official UK launch.

But while this headline-grabbing moment was over in a matter of minutes, the backstage build-up had rolled forward at a frantic pace in the preceding hours, in a race against time to pave the way for "celebrity" guests and, more importantly, the queuing Nintendo hardcore.

Eurogamer TV went behind-the-scenes as the console hit Europe, poking our camera into the dark corners of HMV's flagship Oxford Street store to capture first-hand the preparations for UK gaming's biggest night of the year; and to find out what motivates someone to sit for 50 hours in a rain-lashed, piss-soaked alleyway.

You can witness all the drama of the big night and the aftermath unfold right now as Episode 5 of the Eurogamer TV Show goes live.

Also this week, having checked out Nintendo's partisan vision of successful modern living in the Wii House, EGTV rocked up to Sony's new des res, as it turns its hand to a spot of interior decorating. The result is '3 Rooms', a ridiculously swanky London pad that looks like someone let Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen loose with Roman Abramovich's credit card.

It's chock-full of PS3s, PSPs, Sony TVs and a bunch of key games, which EGTV takes a look at with exclusive footage, as well as taking a seat for a presentation of the console's multimedia functions, as the firm hopes to convince us Europeans that next March is a date worth waiting for.

Finally, in case you missed it, Lara Croft recently turned 10 years-old. Which gave Eurogamer TV the perfect excuse to plunder our archives for shots of models in skimpy shorts and vests, and clips of a decade's worth of tomb raiding, as we caught up with Eidos' Ian Livingstone after his birthday presentation at London's Game On exhibition.

Episode 5 of The Eurogamer TV Show is now showing.

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