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Watch: The Culling is a survival game that plays like The Hunger Games

This is just a tribute.

Released this week on Steam Early Access, The Culling is a brand new take on the recent craze for Battle Royale / Hunger Games inspired modes in survival games.

While fun to play, The Culling could still benefit from a lot of work. Graphically it's quite similar to Ark: Survival Evolved; cartoonish and rough round the edges. Meanwhile the gameplay, which puts a heavy emphasis on crafting and melee combat, can be rather clumsy.

Still, there's a lot of potential in here and The Culling is proving pretty popular - it's currently sitting comfortably near the top spot of Steam's top sellers list.

Being something of a survival game enthusiast, I decided to see for myself whether The Culling was worth hunting down. I talk in detail about the gameplay mechanics in the video below; I also blow up an angry man with some C4.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Culling is a survival game that plays like Battle Royale