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The concept art behind the Cyberpunk 2077 reveal trailer

V good.

It's all very well Wesley painting an ever-so-exciting picture of Cyberpunk 2077 after seeing nearly an hour of the game at E3 2018, but we - everyone watching from afar - haven't seen it, have we? I mean we're not jealous but it's really unfair.

All we've seen is the Cyberpunk 2077 reveal trailer which, OK, yes, does do a rather magnificent job of selling us on the character and riches of the Night City playground we'll lose ourselves in - you could even argue it's the city which will be the main character in CD Projekt Red's new game.

But before there was a trailer - awaited with something approaching Grand Theft Auto-like anticipation - there was of course concept art, and now CD Projekt Red has shared a smattering of images of it.

This isn't normally the sort of thing I'd write about, but not only are the images gorgeous in their own right, and not only is it fun putting them side by side with their associated moments in the trailer, but we've seen so little for so long I'm feasting where I can. And it goes some way to itching an urge to see more - either that or I've simply made it worse.

Cover image for YouTube videoEverything We Spotted in The Cyberpunk 2077 E3 2018 Trailer

Cyberpunk 2077 is in development for PC, PS4 and Xbox One "at the moment" (CDPR told Wesley) and was given no release date at E3. "When it's done," is the message for now.