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The composers behind the Mass Effect 3 score

Clint Mansell and co revealed.

BioWare has announced the composers behind the Mass Effect 3 score.

Clint Mansell, who scored Black Swan, The Wrestler and Requiem for a Dream, is on board for the science fiction role-playing shooter.

Helping is Christopher Lennertz, who worked on movie Horrible Bosses and composed Mass Effect 2: Overlord and Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker. He won the Interactive Academy Award for Medal of Honor.

Cris Velasco composed the God of War series' score, and worked on Mass Effect 2: Kasumi and Mass Effect 2: Arrival.

Sam Hulick composed the score for Mass Effect, Mass Effect: Bring Down the Sky and Mass Effect 2.

And Sascha Dikiciyan, who scored Tron: Evolution, Mass Effect 2: Kasumi and Mass Effect 2: Arrival, is also on board.

Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson said: "The magic of BioWare games has always been the emotional power of the story, so music is extremely important to the experience.

"With Mass Effect 3, we're taking players on a more personal journey, even though the scope is bigger than ever - an all-out galactic war! Each composer has played an intricate role in delivering the combination of epic scope and delicate emotion that will make Mass Effect 3 the best game in the series."

Earlier this year it emerged that Mass Effect series mainstay Jack Wall had been replaced by Mansell for the Mass Effect 3 score.

Wall told Eurogamer the split was entirely amicable, and wished the studio well with the forthcoming sequel to its sci-fi RPG saga.

"I have had a great relationship with the folks at BioWare having done three games with them. We're all still very good friends, so nothing dramatic," he explained.

"I think it was just time for a change. I'm so proud of the work I've done on the ME franchise and I so appreciate the kind words about those scores from people like yourself.

"It was just time to move on. I'm working on some very exciting projects and look forward to when I can announce them, but also very much wish the dev team at BioWare all the best on ME3."

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