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The Ascent's latest patch is causing problems

Hack job.

Players of The Ascent have reported a number of problems with its most recently-released patch.

This week, developer Neon Giant released an update ( for The Ascent on Xbox and Windows 10 platforms that was meant to bring parity with the Steam version. That is, it included DLSS support for Windows 10 (and, as a result, the Game Pass on PC version), as well as co-op, stability and mission fixes.

Here's the Digital Foundry video breakdown for The Ascent, tested on all Xbox consoles - and PC.Watch on YouTube

However, players have reported that this patch has negatively affected the cyberpunk-themed twin-stick shooter, including hits to framerate, stuttering and asset loading problems.

I'm currently playing the Game Pass for PC version of The Ascent, and can report that after this update went live, the game became pretty much unplayable, with an horrendous framerate, stuttering and moments when I couldn't proceed because the environment failed to load.

Players have also reported lost Cyberdeck functions (you use the Cyberdeck to open locked chests and doors, among other things).

Redditor Kottypiqz suggested a fix for the update stutter on PC that helped my game perform better. You need to enable DX12 and toggle off all ray tracing options. For some reason, The Ascent appears to toggle ray tracing options on even if your GPU can't use the graphics tech, and then greys out those options with the game set to DX11.

Watch on YouTube

I'm having fun with The Ascent, although the combat is starting to feel a little repetitive (check out Edwin's wonderful The Ascent review for more), but throughout my time with the game I've had a number of performance issues and bugs. It's never run well for me, which is a real shame for a game that looks so detailed and gorgeous.

It's worth bearing in mind Neon Giant is a small indie developer made up of just 12 people, and the studio has already said more updates will follow this week's. Hopefully it can get a handle on The Ascent's continuing performance problems sooner rather than later.

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