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The Ascent's first paid DLC is out now

Pretty punk.

The Ascent, the surprise indie hit, got its first paid DLC pack today - but if you were hoping for a story expansion, I have some bad news.

The CyberSec Pack is a collection of two new weapons: the NEWT MGL grenade launcher and the RECOIL burst rifle, a new tactical: THE GR00P CLUSTER GRENADE, four new pieces of armour and four new animated weapon skins, available for £3.99.

If you feel a little underwhelmed, I can't say I blame you.

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To sweeten the deal, however, The Ascent is also getting a free update today which introduces a brand new transmog feature, allowing Indents to change their appearance to match the visual style of any armour currently in their inventory by visiting the Stylist and paying a small fee.

There is more to come, with a post-launch roadmap which includes one more update by the end of the year, with another free update and paid DLC pack out in 2022.

"The Ascent's arcology setting is splendid, if heavily derivative - shame that all you can do here is gun and grind", wrote Edwin in Eurogamer's review of the game.