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Tetris Effect headed to PC next week via Epic Games Store

With Oculus and Vive support.

The brilliant Tetris Effect - Eurogamer's Game of 2018 - will arrive on PC next week via the Epic Games Store. It'll be the first time it has been available anywhere other than PlayStation 4.

As on PS4, Tetris Effect is also designed for VR - and it'll arrive with both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive support ready to go.

This PC version will also offer extra graphical options - resolutions 4K and up are supported, with an uncapped framerate, ultra-wide monitor support and more.

Put down a pre-order before launch or buy Tetris Effect within its first two weeks and you'll get 20 per cent off, a sampler soundtrack, and desktop wallpapers.

Cover image for YouTube videoTetris Effect PC Announce Trailer | Epic Games Store (Optional PC VR)

"Tetris Effect is the eternal puzzler reimagined on a truly cosmic scale," Christian Donlan wrote in Eurogamer's glowing Tetris Effect review.

"[It's] a game for the ages, a game that has always felt like some form of universal constant that has been excavated as much as it was ever actively designed. Everywhere in the universe there is complex life to be found I reckon there will be Tetris sooner or later. I hope they get a game as good as Tetris Effect to truly do it justice."