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Tetris Effect: Connected gets four new game modes on all platforms next week

Plus Tate mode on Switch and PSVR 2 support.

Tetris Effect: Connected - the multiplayer-enhanced version of Eurogamer's Game of the Year 2018 - is getting four new game modes next week as part of its Winter Update.

Tetris Effect, if it's somehow escaped you, takes the classic block-dropping action of the seminal puzzler and cranks up the hypnotic allure by turning the whole thing into a shimmering, pulsating light and sound show in which everything syncs to the gorgeous music.

Tetris Effect: Connected became the de facto version in 2021, chucking in cross-platform multiplayer support for competitive and co-op play as it made the jump to non-VR devices, and the game is set to expand a little further with the aforementioned new modes next week.

Tetris Effect: Connected - Winter 2023 Update Explainer.

As of 22nd February, Tetris Effect: Connected players can get stuck into a single-player version of Classic Score Attack (previously only available against AI or another player), while Zone Marathon is, unsurprisingly, is a version of Marathon Mode paired with the Zone mechanic. Additionally, the update introduces Endless versions of Purify and Master Mode.

Alongside the new modes, Tetris Effect: Connected's Winter Update adds vertical Tate mode support for Switch, plus native support for PS5. The PS5 version features DualSense haptic feedback and support for PSVR 2 (also releasing on 22nd February), and will be available as a standalone release or a $9.99 upgrade if you already own the PS4 version.

And speaking of PSVR 2, Digital Foundry recently took a look at Sony's exciting new hardware, calling it a "vastly superior VR experience" to its predecessor.

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