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Telltale's The Walking Dead season three sees return of popular character

Oh my.

The third season of Telltale's The Walking Dead will again include Clementine, creator Robert Kirkman has confirmed.

Still. Not. Dead.

But Kirkman stopped short of confirming Clementine as this season's playable character, as she was in season two.

"We'll be checking in on Clementine, we'll see what's going with her again," he told IGN.

Telltale's third season will be more akin to the ongoing comics, Kirkman continued, and even be set around the same timeframe.

That will mean something of a time jump for Telltale's games. Its first The Walking Dead season was set at the very beginning of the undead outbreak. Its second season was set shortly afterward.

Kirkman's comics are now charting a story around four years later - meaning that Clementine will be older when we see her again.

A gap in time will also allow Telltale to deal with the multiple story choices available at the end of its second season - which left players with several different endings to choose from.