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Telltale sets a date for all three remaining Walking Dead episodes

Remember these.

In a bit of a first for episodic game developer Telltale, the company has revealed release dates for all four instalments of its latest, and final, season of The Walking Dead games.

In the past, Telltale's series have followed a wildly changeable release schedule, which could see new episodes release up to three or more months apart - one of the many reasons (alongside the fact that Telltale has traditionally started sales on its games way before a season has ended) why some players prefer to wait for a near-complete season to release before getting stuck in.

After all, three months is a long time to be expected to remember the important details of an unfolding story.

For its final season of The Walking Dead, however, Telltale is doing things differently. Not only is it laying out a full release schedule for all four episodes, its aiming to get a new instalment out at a comparatively brisk six or so weeks.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season's first episode, Done Running, is out now, and the next, Suffer the Children, is due on September 25th. Episode 3, Broken Toys, meanwhile, launches on November 6th, and the season comes to a close with Take Us Back on December 18th. Telltale does note, however, that these dates are subject to change.

It's the latest assured move for a studio trying to right itself after a rocky 12 months punctuated by layoffs and corporate drama, but that has established some impressive initiatives. Console players that pre-ordered the final season, for instance, were gifted the entire Walking Dead series, while the developer also offered a fun way to remake previous changes prior to the new season's release, also offering a slew of save transfer options.

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