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Tales of Berseria finally has a western release date

Not your final fantasy.

Heads up, JRPG fans - the latest Tales game finally has a date set for its release outside Japan.

Tales of Berseria will arrive for PC and PlayStation 4 on 27th January in Europe, or 24th January in North America.

As ever, there's a pricey collector's edition of the game available as well - it costs $149 in the US, which at the current exchange rate equates to about £120. It includes figurines, a hardcover novel, a strategy guide and various other gubbins. This has, however, only been confirmed for the US as of yet.

If you've played a Tales game before you'll know the sort of thing on offer - a pretty anime-style role-player with a fantasy-esque setting.

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Berseria is notable for being the first in the 21-year-old series to feature a sole female protagonist.

Heroine Velvet Crowe is a pirate whose arm has been cursed with an infection known as Daemonblight. It can turn humans into, well, demons - who can go on "berserk" rages - hence the name of the game.

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