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Tale of Tales' Sunset launches tomorrow

The revolution will be televised.

Sunset, the new narrative exploration adventure from Belgian indie studio Tale of Tales, launches tomorrow, Thursday 21st May, the developer has announced.

Sunset was Kickstarted to the tune of $67,636 back in July 2014. Set in a nameless South American city in the 1970s, the game casts you as housekeeper Angela Burnes, and your job is to clean the swanky penthouse apartment of Gabriel Ortega. You'll be doing your dusting and cleaning against a backdrop of revolution, however, and as you poke around in his things you realise your unseen boss is possibly involved with a plot against dictator Generalísimo Ricardo Miraflores.

You missed a spot.

You'll be able to influence Gabriel by leaving notes for him, and he'll leave notes for you the next day. The tone and direction of these remote conversations will change your relationship - and potentially change the course of the revolution.

"We always wondered what life would be like for the extras in such games, the people who are not the heroes, the ones on the sidelines - like most of us," said Tale of Tales in its crowdfunding campaign. "How does it feel to be one of the many victims of war, instead of the hero? How does it feel when war is the backdrop for your day-to-day life?"

You can still pre-order a DRM-free copy of Sunset for the reduced price of £9.99, rather than £12.99, from the game's official site.

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