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Tale of Tales announces first-person tropical 70s thriller Sunset

"Will you be a fighter? A lover? A traitor or a friend?"

Tales of Tales - developer of such esoteric experimental offerings as Luxuria Superbia, Bientôt l'été's, Salome, and The Path - has revealed its next project, Sunset, a first-person exploratory adventure.

'We're flying better than ever.'

Sunset will transpire in a fictitious tropical paradise called San Bavón, Anchuria. Set in 1972, you'll assume the role of a housekeeper named Angela Burnes. Little is known about what the actual gameplay will entail, but plenty of effort has been taken to evoke the game's exotic setting - which appears to be an unsettling mix of holiday resort and revolutionary war-torn countryside.

There's even an entire site dedicated to Anchurian Air, which is set on selling travelers on the splendor of San Bavón's "exotic animals, lush vegetation, and summer all year round." There's plenty of talk of its 747 LuxuryLiner and Anchurian president for life Generalísimo Ricardo Miraflores who's "invested heavily in industry and commerce."

The developer described Sunset in its announcement as "a story about silence and intimacy in an ambiance of revolution against seemingly insurmountable forces."

"Will you be a fighter? A lover? A traitor or a friend?" Sunset's official site teased.

Journey composer Austin Wintory is handling Sunset's score, while games journalists Leigh Alexander and Ste Curran are "advising on the project direction."

Sunset is due in 2015 for PC, Mac and Linux.

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