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Take-Two signs Silverfall PSP

Due out in June.

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Take-Two has signed up to distribute the PSP version of Monte Cristo's PC role-playing game Silverfall when it's released in Europe this June.

Although we felt Silverfall was little more than a competent, attractive, action-orientated stab at the genre when we tackled the PC original, we did have some fun brewing up customised characters and pretending we'd never played Diablo.

The PSP version should certainly live up to its forerunner, with a head-to-head multiplayer mode for up to four friends and a two-player co-operative option to boot - always handy in a game of this type.

"We are thrilled to be working with Monte Cristo Games to bring this title to European consumers," says Take-Two's James Ellingford, sporting a fresh marketing buff. "Silverfall is another great game for the PSP system and we're confident players will find this pure action RPG adventure highly rewarding."

Meanwhile, Monte Cristo COO Jerome Gestaldi said he hoped that the partnership with Take-Two would help Silverfall "reach the largest audience possible".

You'll be able to see what we make of it in our review closer to release. In the meantime, why not have a look over our Silverfall PC review?

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