Take-Two signs Silverfall PSP

Due out in June.

Take-Two has signed up to distribute the PSP version of Monte Cristo's PC role-playing game Silverfall when it's released in Europe this June.



Click for Victory!

There is a serious, fundamental problem which lies at the heart of PC action RPG gaming. It's a problem which dates back over ten years - to 1996, in fact, when Blizzard dropped its own take on the action RPG genre, Diablo, in our decade-younger laps. It's a simple problem to describe, but seemingly fiendishly difficult to solve.

The problem is this; nobody has yet made an action RPG better than Diablo.

Actually, that's not strictly true - someone did. It was called Diablo II, and it casts an even bigger shadow than its predecessor. That's not terribly helpful, I know. The sad fact is that even seven years since slicing and dicing Baal with my trusty paladin, every game which takes a stab at the action RPG genre has to measure itself against the notch in the wall set by Diablo. They all come up a little short - even the Dungeon Sieges and Titan Quests of this world.

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Silverfall to include game editor

Downloadable after launch.

A game editor for Silverfall will be available to download soon after the game's 9th March release, developer Monte Cristo confirmed to Eurogamer this morning, though most of the advanced features are yet to be finalised.

Silverfall dated

Confirmed for March.

Standing proudly amongst the realms of fantasy is Koch, which today confirmed to Eurogamer that Silverfall will be released on 9th March across Europe.