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Diablo 3 for Switch rears its head again in a new leak

And it's apparently due later this year.

Diablo 3, as many had surmised following a sneaky tweet by Blizzard earlier this year, is on its way to Switch - and should be with us by the end of 2018.

That's according to a since-deleted article by website Forbes (as spotted by Reddit), which looks to have slipped free of some kind of embargo chains, and merrily confirms information that trusted sources shared with Eurogamer back in March.

Diablo 3 for Switch will, says the report, go by the moniker Diablo 3 Eternal Collection, and bundles together the original game, 2014's Reaper of Souls expansion, alongside last year's Rise of the Necromancer pack - which adds a reworked version of Diablo 2's Necromancer class, among other bits and bobs, to the core experience.

There's more though; as is increasingly the norm, Diablo 3 Switch will also incorporate a selection of exclusive Nintendo-themed in-game bonuses. All inspired by Zelda, these include Echoes of the Mask cosmetic wings, a Tri-Force portrait frame, a chicken pet, and the Legend of Ganondorf cosmetic armour set.

Forbes says it'll be possible to team up with friends online - although you'll need to subscribe to Nintendo's forthcoming online service to take advantage of cloud saves and internet play - and that local multiplayer options will feature too.

Diablo 3 will, for instance, support four adventurers either playing together on one Switch, or on four separate devices, connecting wirelessly.

There's no word of an exact release date for Diablo 3 on Switch yet, beyond a vague "later this year", but we do know that the game will weigh in at $59.99 USD (which will likely equate to £49.99). Perhaps more information will be forthcoming in the next few days...