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Long read: How TikTok's most intriguing geolocator makes a story out of a game

Where in the world is Josemonkey?

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Quid's in.

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From today you can sign up to Eurogamer's Supporter program and get your first month for £1, opening up ad-free browsing and access to the weekly Essentials newsletter that recently almost had Edge deputy editor and friend of the site Chris Schilling have an accident. You can't say fairer than that, surely.

It's been a year since we launched the Supporter program, and it's seen the return of regular weekly podcasts, the Off-Topic series and Bertie's wonderful One-to-One series where he's profiled in-depth legends such as Ken and Roberta Williams and Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson.

For £1 (or $1, in a neat conversion thanks in part to our tanked economy) you'll get Standard supporter access, which will give you the site ad-free as well as the weekly Essentials newsletter plus 'Supporter' status on comments - so you can shout 'slow news day?' with added authority. After the trial period it's £3.99 per month for Standard Supporter status, with the Premium tier which opens up the bi-weekly Off-Topic pieces and early access to the Weekly and One-to-One podcasts coming in at £5.99.

And finally thanks to all of you who have already signed up - your support means a lot to us, and we'll keep looking at ways to make sure you're getting the best value possible.

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