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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Min Min release time alongside update 8.0 explained

What time you can expect the Arms fighter to arrive.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate gives us new fighters to play with years after the game has released.

Alongside each new character comes a Super Smash Bros Ultimate update which also introduces additional features or tweaks to existing ones.

This page explains the latest Super Smash Bros Ultimate character Min Min's release time, which will be joined by Super Smash Bros Ultimate update 8.0.

Until all the DLC arrives there are plenty of other Smash Bros Ultimate characters to unlock, and once you have them, our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List can help you decide who to play as. We also have some Super Smash Bros Ultimate tips if you want to brush up on the essentials.

Super Smash Bros Min Min release time alongside update 8.0 explained

Update: The update has arrived! Read up on the Update 8.0 patch notes.

The first Fighters Pass Vol 2 character, Min Min, will be available as part of update 8.0.

The Smash Bros update 8.0 and Min Min release date is June 29th in North America and June 30th in Europe, and should be available at the following Min Min release times:

  • UK: 2am (GMT, June 30th)
  • Europe: 3am (CEST, June 30th)
  • East Coast US: 9pm (EDT, June 29th)
  • West Coast US: 6pm (PDT, June 29th)

This is the time Smash Bros Ultimate maintenance usually rolls out for character updates - so though these aren't confirmed by Nintendo, based on previous updates these are very likely.

Of course, it's worth stating these times could change, and since maintenance could take some time, don't expect the update to drop immediately at these times.

If you're playing in Europe - we'd recommend getting a full night's sleep and grabbing the patch first thing in the morning!

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What is included in Super Smash Bros Ultimate update 8.0?

Though specific tweaks launching alongside Min Min as part of Smash Bros Ultimate update 8.0 have yet to be announced, we do know there will also be:

  • 18 new tracks from Arms
  • New stage Spring Stadium
  • New Mii Fighter costumes - Arms' Ninjara (Brawler), Heihachi from Tekken (Brawler), Callie and Mari from Splatoon (Brawlers) and Vault Boy from Fallout (Gunner)
  • Spirits mode update where purchased customers appear as Spirit Board targets, plus a rematch option for previously fought Spirits

Expect a whole host of balance changes for all characters too as part of a series of patch notes once the update arrives.

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