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Super Mario Run characters - How to unlock Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, Peach and Toadette

How to endlessly sprint as someone else other than Mario.

Super Mario Run's characters are easier to find than you think. While Mario understandably takes centre stage, there are five other playable characters that you can take into the main Tour levels and Toad Rally.

While they all unlock from playing different modes, and some will take longer than others, but you should get them naturally as you put some time into the full World Tour and Toad Rally modes.

If you're looking for more help with Super Mario Run, our guide on Ghost House Coin locations might come in handy.

How to change characters in Super Mario Run

To change characters, or simply catch a glimpse of who else you can play as, on the main screen tap the Menu icon in the bottom left corner, then select Notebook and Characters. Select any you have unlocked, then OK. You can also change character before any stage by tapping the icon in the bottom right corner before you press 'Start'.

Cover image for YouTube video4 minutes of Super Mario Run Gameplay
4 minutes of Super Mario Run Gameplay

How to unlock Toad in Super Mario Run

Toad is arguably the simplest of the bunch. First, create a My Nintendo account (if you already played Nintendo's other game, Miitomo, then you should be all set - otherwise you can link up from your Wii U / 3DS account or create a new one from scratch).

Once done, head to the My Nintendo icon on the main screen, then select Toad as one of the rewards.

He runs faster than Mario, which might be useful for taking the advantage in future Toad Rally events, especially when it comes to unlocking other characters...

How to unlock Luigi, Toadette and Yoshi in Super Mario Run

These three characters require specific Houses to be purchased as part of the Kingdom Builder. To get them you need a certain amount of Toads from Toad Rally first, then head tap Build in the bottom right corner, then Shop, and the Special Buildings icon (the Star) in the bottom right corner.

Here are the requirements for each Toad:

  • Yoshi - 30 Red Roads, 30 Yellow Toads
  • Luigi - 150 Green Toads, 150 Purple Toads
  • Toadette - 200 Red Roads, 200 Blue Toads, 200 Green Toads, 200 Purple Toads, 200 Yellow Toads

As you can see, you need a lot of Toads to unlock the later characters - so stock up on Rally Tickets (purchasing the full game gives you 20, and getting a full five Pink Coins on each Tour stage nets you another two) and make sure you target the competition that'll give you the respective colours you need.

Once they're unlocked, you then need to purchase the house using a small number of coins, and build the house in your Kingdom.

How to unlock Peach in Super Mario Run

Peach is a fairly simple one to unlock; complete every level in the World Tour mode - rescuing Peach - and she's yours. You won't need to get a certain amount of Pink, Purple or Black Coins along the way, so if you want to sprint straight to the end to get her, by all means do so!