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Super Mario Odyssey Purple Snowflake locations - how to find Purple Snowflakes in Super Mario Odyssey

How to unlock all Purple Snowflake coins in Snow Kingdom.

Purple Snowflakes are one of many varients on the Purple Coin collectibles you'll find dotted around the world in Super Mario Odyssey.

Our Purple Snowflake Locations guide here on this page will take you through how and where to find them in the Snow Kingdom, providing specific locations for tricky ones and general tips and tricks for hunting down the rest.

For locations on all the other varients, head back to our Super Mario Odyssey Purple Coin locations hub, or you can cycle back to our main Super Mario Odyssey guide and walkthrough for complete details on every step of your adventure.

Super Mario Odyssey Purple Snowflake locations - how to find Purple Snowflakes

  • Kingdom: Snow Kingdom
  • Total Coins: 50

As one of the smaller kingdoms in the game, the Snow Kingdom only has 50 coins to collect. We'd advise you to wait until you've completed the story objectives on this world first, as there is a blizzard that locks much of the overworld off until you've finished the Shiveria missions. Once daylight has been restored to the region, you can now explore and start bagging those coins. Regional Coins in the Snow Kingdom come in the shape of snowflakes.

The majority of Shiveria is open-plan on the outside, so the coins here aren't too difficult to collect. Although there are lots of ledge, so some coins will be elevated and might not be obvious when running about on the ice below.

There are two Regional Coins floating just behind the Odyssey itself, and a few more down below just by the freezing water's edge. You can also reach these with a Cheep Cheep, if you're passing by.

By the Corner of the Freezing Sea checkpoint, use a purple Cheep Cheep to reach the the Regional Coins floating in the water below. Don't try and swim too long as Mario - the screen will start to ice over and you'll die!

At the Above the Ice Well checkpoint, drop down onto a nearby ledge and collect two more Regional Coins.

Down the well and into Shiveria, turn around 180-degrees and you'll find four more coins floating on a ledge to the right of a War Pipe.

In the Gusty Cavern, use the final Ty-foo to float across the deadly purple gloop and collect the three coins floating in the corner. You can now collect the four coins that are floating out in the middle of the lake, which would otherwise be impossible to reach.

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In the Snow Mountain section, use the first gust of wind to reach the higher platform. There will be three coins floating here to your left. Use a back flip to collect all three (a regular jump won't be high enough to reach the top one).

Behind Snow Mountain there's a hidden ledge with a Power Moon. Drop down from the ice platform where you fight the boss, run through the snow drift and jump over to collect the Moon. Now drop down the gap just before this Moon to collect three very well hidden Regional Coins at the bottom. You can wall jump to get back up again.

In the Icicle Cavern, you'll need to collect up lost of Goombas through the level and take them up to the top most level (where you release the giant stalagmite in the story objectives). You should now be able to collect the three Regional Coins floating above you.

In the cavern with the statue that rise out of the ground to snap at you, use one to climb up onto the first platform in the far left-hand corner of the room. Then use another to reach the next platform. Now use the statue monster here to jump to the left when it reaches its apex. Three coins can be collected if you time your jump right.

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