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Super Mario Odyssey Cap Kingdom Power Moons - where to find Cap Kingdom Moons

Where to find the main set of Cap Kingdom Power Moons.

Cap Kingdom Power Moons are what you'll find here, where we detail each Power Moon and its location in the region with accompanying screens for extra clarity.

This is where to find Cap Kingdom Moons then, but for other regions you can cycle back to our Power Moon locations guide hub, or our main Super Mario Odyssey guide and walkthrough hub for much more.

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Super Mario Odyssey Cap Kingdom Power Moons 1 to 10

1. Frog-Jumping Above the Fog

This Power Moon will seem really obvious once you've found it, but really annoying until then. Possess one of the frogs in the opening area, then turn turn left (with the Odyssey behind you) and look into the fog. Look for two hats in the fog, and a set of ? Blocks above them. Use a nearby frog to reach these blocks. Jump on the middle one to reveal a secret block. Leap on this to reach the Moon.

2. Frog-Jumping from the Top Deck

Grab a frog, then jump onto the double-tiered hat house near the Crazy Cap store. Shake the Joy-Cons to do a High Jump and reach the Moon.

3. Cap Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

This scarecrow is at the end of the bridge leading to Top Hat Tower. Hit it, then run back up the bridge to claim the Moon.

4. Good Evening, Captain Toad!

A the top of the Top Hat Tower, you'll find Captain Toad ready and waiting by the edge. This can only be unlocked after completing the main story.

5. Shopping in Bonneton

In order to collect this Moon, simply speak to the yellow, gold coin-based shop in the main hub of the level and buy the Moon for 100 gold coins.

6. Skimming the Poison Tide

Use a Paragoomba to float behind the Top Hat Tower. Enter the hat door and use the Paragoomba inside to float above the rising river of purple gloop and collect the five Moon Shards above. The full Moon will appear at the end.

7. Slipping through the Poison Tide

Use the Paragoomba on the bridge leading to Top Hat Tower, and fly around the back. Enter the hat door. Fly over to the far platform. When the purple tide is low, fly through the opening in the fence beneath, then up to the platforms above. Grab the Moon!

8. Push-Block Peril

This one is tough. The entrance to this mini challenge is around the corner from the Top Hat Tower checkpoint. Head through the hat door. This area is all about timing your jumps and Spark pylon movements right.

Watch out for the second Spark pylon. Only travel to the far end of it when the blue moving platforms are around to move out (if you do it any other time, you'll fall). The highest platforms are all about timing your jumps and climbing each one like stairs. When you reach the final Spark pylon section, de-posses above the Moon to claim your reward.

9. Hidden Among the Push-Blocks

Two third of the way through the mini challenge (accessible from near the Top Hat Tower checkpoint), look for a blue 'L' shaped moving platform next to a static yellow one. Turn around, look inside the moving block to see a cheeky Moon hiding.

10. Searching the Frog Pond

This hat door is located behind the Binoculars. Inside, possess a frog and collect five Moon Shards on the elevated platforms. The Moon will appear by the entrance.

Super Mario Odyssey Cap Kingdom Power Moons 11 to 17

11. Secrets of the Frog Pond

This hat door is located behind the Binoculars. It's located at the very top of the room. Use the wall that the white platform passes underneath to reach the ledge and the Moon.

12. The Forgotten Treasure

Speak to the cap above the house directly in front of the Crazy Cap store. The treasure is hidden on the step-like platform to the right of the first bridge (from the direction of the Odyssey). Ground Pound the ground to reveal it (having the rumble turned on in your Joy-Cons will help here).

13. Taxi Flying Through Bonneton

Use the Binoculars near the Crazy Cap shop. Now look up at the moon and zoom in. Look for one of the Odyssey type balloons carrying a taxi instead of a top hat. Watch it long enough a Power Moon will be revealed.

Need more help? Our Super Mario Odyssey guide and walkthrough goes through every objective in each Kingdom, while our Power Moon locations can help you track down the likes of Cascade Kingdom Power Moons, Sand Kingdom Power Moons, Metro Kingdom and New Donk City Power Moons and more collectables. We also have Purple Coin locations for each Kingdom, and if you want to know what to spend it on, we have a hats list, outfits list, stickers list, a souvenirs list as well as a music list to kit out the appearance of both Mario and the Odyssey. Once you've finished the game, check out the free Balloon World update, too.

14. Bonneter Blockade

After crossing the main bridge (from the direction of the Odyssey), turn right and you'll find a cap blocking a Power Moon in his house. Possess the Paragoomba on the bridge that leads to Top-Hat Tower has fly back to scare him away.

15. Cap Kingdom Regular Cup

Behind the Top-Hat Tower (on the brim of the hat itself), look for a Koopa next to a top hat door. This starts a race from the top of the tower to the highest hill (next to the Odyssey). It's impossible to win the race as Mario. Instead, possess the Paragoomba on the bridge below and fly straight there.

16. Peach in the Cap Kingdom

This Power Moon will only become available after completing the main story. Peach can be found on a platform to the left of the bridge leading to Top-Hat Tower.

17. Found the Cap Kingdom Art

At the bottom of the bridge leading to the Top Hat Tower, look for a piece of clue art.

Now travel to the Moon Kingdom, Ground Pound the area behind the spectator sitting second from the left to get another Moon.

Other Cap Kingdom Power Moons you can unlock

As well as the above Moons that appear when you clear a Kingdom for the first time, there is yet another set that you can collect later in the game. Be warned the following contains some light spoilers.

When exploring each Kingdom previously, you may have noticed a giant, grey block that seemingly has no purpose. It's this object you must find once you have completed the game that'll give you even more things to do.

The above video by Nintendo Life explains this in more detail, but in short - complete the game, find the block in any given Kingdom, and more Moons will be available for you to find.

We won't detail these extra Moons here, but the number of these extra challenges available in each Kingdom varies - just like the amount of Moons you could find to begin with. Good luck!

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