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Sunless Sea director announces digital board game Cultist Simulator

A cult classic in the making?

Sunless Sea creative director and lead writer Alexis Kennedy has announced an upcoming single-player digital board game called Cultist Simulator.

Aiming for a tentative Halloween 2017 release on PC and tablets, Cultist Simulator will feature both sane and insane victory conditions as players "craft tools", "summon spirits" and "indoctrinate innocents".

"Cultist Simulator combines my usual pungent prose with crunchy crafting mechanics, and with parallel victory conditions," Kennedy said in a blog post. "It's possible, though very difficult, to find success in career or romance. You can always turn back from the brink and try to make a life. But why would you do that?"

Aside from his stint leading Sunless Sea, Kennedy is the co-founder of Failbetter Games, which also made Fallen London. He's also done some contract work writing BioWare titles like Dragon Age: the Last Court. Oh, and he's contributed to Eurogamer here and there. (Though, for what it's worth, I've never met him.)

Meanwhile, Kennedy's former cohorts at Failbetter have announced Sunless Skies, the sequel to Sunless Sea.