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Simogo's sublime music game Sayonara Wild Hearts surprise-launches on Steam

And there's 20% off until next week.

Developer Simogo's sublime music game Sayonara Wild Hearts has - after a couple of months on Switch, PlayStation 4, and iOS - finally launched on PC.

Sayonara Wild Hearts, which Simogo describes as a "euphoric music video dream", tells the story of a young woman spirited away to a mysterious world of neon lights and catchy pop, where she meets her alter-ego The Fool.

What follows is a gorgeous treat of an experience, and a game about - as Sayonara Wild Hearts' Steam page puts it - "being awesome, riding motorcycles, skateboarding, dance battling, shooting lasers, wielding swords, and breaking hearts at 200 mph".

Cover image for YouTube videoSAYONARA WILD HEARTS | Launch Trailer

Eurogamer's Christian Donlan was swept away by Sayonara Wild Hearts' heady rhythm-action delights when he slapped it with a Recommended badge earlier this year, calling it a "dizzying headlong rush of ideas, pranks, nightmares, middle-eights and other glittering fragments".

"[It's] such a simple thing but also such a complex thing, such a heartfelt thing," he wrote, "Its exuberance is precision, its chaos is sheer choreography. It can reference Panzer Dragoon, Jet Set Radio, Dyad and Thumper while remaining entirely coherent, entirely itself."

Sayonara Wild Hearts costs £10.29 on Steam, but there's 20% off until next Thursday, 19th December, bringing it down to £8.23. There's also a game and digital soundtrack bundle for £17.48, that's currently discounted to £11.89.